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The Lancaster Community Library is excited to announce that the Teen Center renovation will commence this coming Fall.  It should have minimal impace on our patrons, as families will be busy with the new school year, and people will be busy with gardening and outdoor activities with the milder weather.   
We are grateful to Jennifer McCann for the architectural plans, and are pleased that David Jones/Connemara Construction has accepted the construction project which should take about 2 months.
Numerous features will enhance library services to our teen population as well as all of our patrons.  Our Teen Center Director Demetrius Means will have an office in the Teen Center so he can better work with the teens, one on one, with group activities, and with mentoring.  The Hi Tech hub will be a space for up to 6 people with a smart TV and technology to be used by our teens and will be available for scheduling for all library patrons.  Programs and activities for AR/VR, vlogging, and technology training will be easily possible.  It can also act as an incubator for business.
The largest space of the Teen Center will have books, including an enhanced section of Manga/graphic novels.  Comfortable, durable seating will encourage reading as well as some socializing as it is proven that having safe places for teens to gather helps a community with dropping crime, and creates a positive environment.  Foosball, ping pong and a pool table will help with the social atmosphere, and soundproofing will ensure that it will not be disruptive to the rest of the library.
We anticipate a Grand Opening celebration toward the end of 2019 - and we hope you will come and celebrate with us!
Alice Cooper
Library Director
Lancaster Community Library