New Books

From the latest fiction and non-fiction to time-honored classics, the Lancaster Community Library looks to provide patrons with a wide array of material for their reading or viewing pleasure. Listed below are recently acquired titles.

JUNE 2014

Windows 8 for seniors for dummies Hinton, Mark Justice 005 HINTON
Think like a freak: the authors of Freakonomics offer to retrain your brain Levitt, Steven D. 153.4 LEVITT
You are not special... and other encouragements McCullough, David G. 170 MCCULLOU
The divide: American injustice in the age of the wealth gap Taibbi, Matt 303.3 TAIBBI
Affluence and influence: economic inequality and political power in America Gilens, Martin 320.6097 3 GILENS
Overwhelmed: work, love, and play when no one has the time Schulte, Brigid 331.4 SCHULTE
Capital in the twenty-first century Piketty, Thomas 332 PIKETTY
Stress test: reflections on financial crises Geithner, Timothy F. 338.5 GEITHNER
Another great day at sea: life aboard the USS George H.W. Bush Dyer, Geoff 359.9 DYER
The map thief: the gripping story of an esteemed rare-map dealer who made millions stealing priceless maps Blanding, Michael 364.16 BLANDING
The tastemakers: why we're crazy for cupcakes but fed up with fondue Sax, David 394.1 SAX
Birdmen: the Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss, and the battle to control the skies Goldstone, Lawrence 629.13 GOLDSTON
The pleasures of cooking for one Jones, Judith 641.561 JONES
Making decoys: the century-old way Chesser, Grayson 745.593 CHESSER
Christmas with Southern living 2014   745.594 CHRISTMA
Limber Pelster, Angela 814 PELSTER
Making make-believe real: politics as theater in Shakespeare's time Wills, Garry 822 WILLS
Ghost soldiers: the forgotten epic story of World War II's most dramatic mission Sides, Hampton 940.5425 SIDES
Age of ambition: chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China Osnos, Evan 951.06 OSNOS
America on the eve of the Civil War   973.711 AMERICA
Tibetan peach pie: a true account of an imaginative life Robbins, Tom 92 ROBBINS
Opening day: the story of Jackie Robinson's first season Eig, Jonathan 92 ROBINSON
A fighting chance Warren, Elizabeth 92 WARREN
John Wayne: the life and legend Eyman, Scott 92 WAYNE
I heard my country calling Webb, James H. 92 WEBB
The voyage Bail, Murray F BAIL
The forge of God Bear, Greg F BEAR
Above the East China Sea Bird, Sarah F BIRD
Cavendon Hall Bradford, Barbara Taylor F BRADFORD
Night broken Briggs, Patricia F BRIGGS
All the light we cannot see Doerr, Anthony F DOERR
Walking on water Evans, Richard Paul F EVANS
Suspicion Finder, Joseph F FINDER
Midnight in Europe Furst, Alan F FURST
Written in my own heart's blood Gabaldon, Diana F GABALDON
Afterparty Gregory, Daryl F GREGORY
Empire girls Hayes, Suzanne F HAYES
The painter Heller, Peter F HELLER
Goodnight June Jio, Sarah F JIO
Mr. Mercedes King, Stephen F KING
The misremembered man McKenna, Christina F MCKENNA
The serpent of Venice Moore, Christopher F MOORE
The last time I saw you Moran, Eleanor F MORAN
Catching air Pekkanen, Sarah F PEKKANEN
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 Prose, Francine F PROSE
Bridge to Haven Rivers, Francine F RIVERS
The other story Rosnay, Tatiana de F ROSNAY
China Dolls See, Lisa F SEE
The vacationers Straub, Emma F STRAUB
The secret life of Violet Grant Williams, Beatriz F WILLIAMS
History of the rain Williams, Niall F WILLIAMS
Destroyer angel Barr, Nevada FM BARR
The detective & the pipe girl Craven, Michael FM CRAVEN
Top secret twenty-one Evanovich, Janet FM EVANOVIC
Blackberry pie murder Fluke, Joanne FM FLUKE
Red velvet cupcake murder Fluke, Joanne FM FLUKE
Third rail Flynn, Rory FM FLYNN
Vertigo 42 Grimes, Martha FM GRIMES
Where shadows dance Harris, C. S. FM HARRIS
Under a silent moon Haynes, Elizabeth FM HAYNES
Iron Lake Krueger, William Kent FM KRUEGER
Red Knife Krueger, William Kent FM KRUEGER
Trickster's point Krueger, William Kent FM KRUEGER
The death of Lucy Kyte Upson, Nicola FM UPSON
Live to see tomorrow Johansen, Iris LP F JOHANSEN
A family affair Michaels, Fern. LP F MICHAELS