New Books

From the latest fiction and non-fiction to time-honored classics, the Lancaster Community Library looks to provide patrons with a wide array of material for their reading or viewing pleasure. Listed below are recently acquired titles.

JUNE 2015

179 BROOKS The road to character Brooks, David
303.48   DIAMANDI Abundance: the future is better than you think Diamandis, Peter H.
362.29   QUINONES Dreamland: the true tale of America's opiate epidemic Quinones, Sam
363.34 BAILEY The mercy of the sky: the story of a tornado Bailey, Holly   (Journalist)
364.152 L Thunderstruck Larson, Erik
463.21 MERRIAM Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English dictionary  
468.2 WALD Spanish for dummies Wald, Susana.
500 DYSON Dreams of earth and sky Dyson, Freeman J.
591.68 SHAPIRO How to clone a mammoth: the science of de-extinction Shapiro, Beth Alison
617.4 MARSH Do no harm: stories of life, death, and brain surgery Marsh, Henry
651 WARD The perfection of the paper clip: curious tales of invention, accidental genius, and stationery obsession Ward, James
741.5 DIFFEE Hand drawn jokes for smart attractive people Diffee, Matthew
745.594   CHRISTMA Christmas with Southern living 2015  
973.5 INSKEEP Jacksonland: President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee chief John Ross, and a great American land grab Inskeep, Steve
092 BROKAW A lucky life interrupted: a memoir of hope Brokaw, Tom
92 KIM Under the same sky: from starvation in North Korea to salvation in America Kim, Joseph
92 MACLAUGH   LIN Hammer head: the making of a carpenter MacLaughlin, Nina
92 MANN Hold still: a memoir with photographs Mann, Sally
92 MORELL The great war of our time: the CIA's fight against terrorism--from al Qa'ida to ISIS Morell, Michael J.
920 BAILEY Black diamonds: the rise and fall of an English dynasty Bailey, Catherine
920 MCCULLOU The Wright brothers McCullough, David G.
920 PAUL We could not fail: the first African Americans in the Space Program Paul, Richard
920 PEYSER Hissing cousins: the untold story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth Peyser, Marc N.
F ATKINSON A god in ruins Atkinson, Kate
F BACIGALU The water knife Bacigalupi, Paolo
F BALDACCI Memory man Baldacci, David
F CADWALLA The anchoress Cadwallader, Robyn
F CLARK The Jezebel remedy Clark, Martin
F CORLEONE Robert Ludlum's The Janson equation Corleone, Douglas
F CUSSLER The race Cussler, Clive.
F DELBANCO The silver swan Delbanco, Elena
F DELINSKY Blueprints Delinsky, Barbara
F DEMILLE Radiant angel DeMille, Nelson
F IGGULDEN Margaret of Anjou Iggulden, Conn
F ILES The bone tree Iles, Greg
F KING Finders keepers King, Stephen
F LOGAN The gracekeepers Logan, Kirsty
F MATTHEWS Palace of treason Matthews, Jason
F MAWER The glass room Mawer, Simon
F MELTZER The president's shadow Meltzer, Brad
F PATTERSO Truth or die Patterson, James
F PERCY The dead lands Percy, Benjamin
F ROBERTS Sea swept Roberts, Nora
F ROBY The ultimate betrayal Roby, Kimberla Lawson
F SHAARA The fateful lightning Shaara, Jeff
F STEPHENS Seveneves Stephenson, Neal
F THOMAS The illusionists Thomas, Rosie
F WHITE Cuba straits White, Randy Wayne
FM BROWN Tail gait Brown, Rita Mae
FM CLARK The melody lingers on Clark, Mary Higgins
FM CLEEVES Thin air Cleeves, Ann
FM COBEN The stranger Coben, Harlan
FM EVANOVIC Wicked charms Evanovich, Janet
FM PERRY The angel court affair Perry, Anne
FM QUICK Garden of lies Quick, Amanda
FM SANDFORD Gathering prey Sandford, John
LP 92 HEMINGW AY Out came the sun: overcoming the legacy of mental illness, addiction, and suicide in my family Hemingway, Mariel
LP F CUNNINGH The snow queen Cunningham, Michael
LP F CUSSLER Piranha Cussler, Clive.
LP F DELINSKY Blueprints Delinsky, Barbara
LP F FINDER The fixer Finder, Joseph
LP F FRANKLIN The siege winter Franklin, Ariana
LP F GORTNER Mademoiselle Chanel Gortner, C. W.
LP F HOLSINGE The invention of   fire Holsinger, Bruce W.
LP F KEARSLEY A desperate fortune Kearsley, Susanna
LP F KING Finders keepers King, Stephen
LP F   LESTER Lillian on life Lester, Alison Jean
LP F WHITE The sound of grass White, Karen (Karen   S.)
LP FM ARLIDGE Eeny meeny Arlidge, M. J.
LP 746.432   GANT Love in every stitch: stories of knitting and healing Gant, Lee