New Books

From the latest fiction and non-fiction to time-honored classics, the Lancaster Community Library looks to provide patrons with a wide array of material for their reading or viewing pleasure. Listed below are recently acquired titles.


153.3 HARFORD Messy: the power of disorder to transform our lives Harford
303.48 COLLINS Born on third base: a one percenter makes the case for tackling inequality, bringing wealth home, and committing to the common good Collins, Chuck
303.48 FRIEDMAN Thank you for being late: an optimist's guide to thriving in the age of accelerations Friedman, Thomas L.
303.6083 5 YOUNGE Another day in the death of America: a chronicle of ten short lives Younge, Gary
305.896 LOWERY They can't kill us all: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a new era in America's racial justice movement Lowery, Wesley
307 MORSE Smart communities: how citizens and local leaders can use strategic thinking to build a brighter future Morse, Suzanne W.
342.7303 BERKIN The Bill of Rights: the fight to secure America's liberties Berkin, Carol.
362 ZIEGLER Wild and precious life Ziegler, Deborah
362.4 LUTTRELL Weekends with Daisy Luttrell, Sharron Kahn
362.6 KARDASIS Mom always liked you best: a guide to resolving family feuds, inheritance battles & eldercare crises Kardasis, Arline
508.495 DURRELL My family and other animals Durrell, Gerald
578.4 SIMON The wasp that brainwashed the caterpillar: evolution's most unbelievable solutions to life's biggest problems Simon, Matt
613.835 DOLCE Brave new weed: adventures into the uncharted world of cannabis Dolce, Joe (Periodical editor)
629 HEMMINGS Hemmings Motor News, October 2016: World's largest collector-car marketplace  
636.089 HERRIOT All things bright and beautiful Herriot, James
638.5789 AJILVSGI Butterfly gardening for the South Ajilvsgi, Geyata
641.3383 LAKSHMI The encyclopedia of spices and herbs: an essential guide to the flavors of the world Lakshmi, Padma
641.694 SEWALL Oysters: a celebration in the raw Sewall, Jeremy
649 NELSEN Positive discipline Nelsen, Jane
746.432 SOCK Sock yarn one-skein wonders  
779 NATGEO @NatGeo: the most popular Instagram photos.  
779 NATIONAL Greatest landscapes: stunning photographs that inspire and astonish National Geographic Society (U.S.)
909 HARARI Sapiens: a brief history of humankind Harari, Yuval N.
914.4 HESLIN Fodor's Paris Heslin, Nancy
917 HESLIN Fodor's Provence & the French Riviera Heslin, Nancy
917.2904   ADZICHBR Fodor's essential Caribbean Adzich-Brander, Laura
917.47 CHAUVIN Fodor's New York City Chauvin, Kelsy
917.53 FORD Frommer's easy guide to Washington, D.C. 2017 Ford, Elise (Elise Hartman)
917.93 BASCOS Frommer's easyguide to Las Vegas 2017 Bascos, Grace
917.94   FROMMERS Frommer's San Diego day by day.  
919.6904   ANDERSON Fodor's essential Hawaii Anderson, Karen (Travel writer)
940.54 OREILLY Killing the rising sun: how America vanquished World War II Japan O'Reilly, Bill
973 SANDERS Our revolution: a future to believe in Sanders, Bernard
973.3 WILLIAMS Hurricane of independence: the untold story of the deadly storm at the deciding moment of the American Revolution Williams, Tony
973.332 ODONNELL Washington's immortals: the untold story of an elite regiment who changed the course of the Revolution O'Donnell, Patrick K.
975.526 LEVY Where the cherry tree grew: the story of Ferry Farm, George Washington's boyhood home Levy, Philip
92 BROUSSE The last goodnight: a World War II story of espionage, adventure, and betrayl Blum, Howard
92 GREENSPA N The man who knew: the life and times of Alan Greenspan Mallaby, Sebastian
92 LEIRIS You will not have my hate Leiris, Antoine
92 SPRINGST   EEN Born to run Springsteen, Bruce
92 SWIFT Taylor Swift: this is our song Conroy, Tyler
920 KIERNAN Signing their lives away: the fame and misfortune of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence Kiernan, Denise
920 LEESHETT Hidden figures: the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race Lee Shetterly, Margot
F ARCHER This was a man Archer, Jeffrey
F BALDACCI No man's land Baldacci, David
F BENEDICT The other Einstein Benedict, Marie
F BOYLE The terranauts Boyle, T. Coraghessan
F CORNWELL The flame bearer Cornwell, Bernard
F CUSSLER Havana storm Cussler, Clive
F CUSSLER Pirate Cussler, Clive
F DEWITT The last samurai Dewitt, Helen
F EVANS The mistletoe secret Evans, Richard Paul
F EVERHART The education of Dixie Dupree Everhart, Donna
F FLAGG The whole town's talking Flagg, Fannie.
F FRANK Anna of Corotoman Frank, Barbara
F GEORGE The little Paris bookshop George, Nina
F GOODWIN Victoria Goodwin, Daisy
F GRISHAM The whistler Grisham, John author
F HARRIS Conclave Harris, Robert
F HOFFMAN Faithful Hoffman, Alice
F JAMES A brief history of seven killings James, Marlon
F JILES News of the world Jiles, Paulette
F JOHANSEN Night watch Johansen, Iris
F KERNEY Hard Red Spring Kerney, Kelly A.
F LAMB I'll take you there Lamb, Wally
F MILLS Order to kill Mills, Kyle
F PATCHETT Commonwealth Patchett, Ann
F PICOULT Small great things Picoult, Jodi
F RICE Prince Lestat and the realms of Atlantis Rice, Anne
F SPARKS Two by two Sparks, Nicholas
F STEEL The award Steel, Danielle
F TOWLES A gentleman in Moscow Towles, Amor
FM CHALLINO Judgment of murder Challinor, C. S. (Caroline S.)
FM CHILD Night school Child, Lee
FM CLARK The Sleeping Beauty killer Clark, Mary Higgins
FM CLELAND Blood rubies Cleland, Jane K.
FM CLELAND Deadly appraisal Cleland, Jane K.
FM CLELAND Lethal treasure Cleland, Jane K.
FM CLELAND Ornaments of death Cleland, Jane K.
FM CLEMENT The cat sitter's nine lives Clement, Blaize
FM CLEMENT The cat sitter's whiskers Clement, Blaize
FM COBEN Home Coben, Harlan
FM CONNELLY The wrong side of goodbye Connelly, Michael
FM CORNWELL Chaos Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
FM EVANOVIC Turbo twenty-three Evanovich, Janet
FM FRENCH The trespasser French, Tana
FM HIAASEN Razor girl Hiaasen, Carl
FM JACKSON After she's gone Jackson, Lisa
FM KRENTZ When all the girls have gone Krentz, Jayne Ann
FM MORRELL Ruler of the night Morrell, David
FM PATTERSO Cross the line Patterson, James
FM PENNY Still life Penny, Louise
FM SANDFORD Escape clause Sandford, John
FM WAGNER Return to Umbria Wagner, David P.
FM WHITE The forgotten room White, Karen (Karen S.)
FM WOODS Sex, lies & serious money Woods, Stuart