New Books

From the latest fiction and non-fiction to time-honored classics, the Lancaster Community Library looks to provide patrons with a wide array of material for their reading or viewing pleasure. Listed below are recently acquired titles.


005.4 RATHBONE Windows 10 for dummies Rathbone, Andy
070.5 WRITERS Writer's market 2017  
307 MORSE Smart communities: how citizens and local leaders can use strategic thinking to   build a brighter future Morse, Suzanne W. (Suzanne Whitlock)
362.8609 73 FINKEL Thank you for your service Finkel, David
371.14 BAKER Substitute: going to school with a thousand kids Baker, Nicholson
387.1 DOLIN Brilliant beacons: a history of the American lighthouse Dolin, Eric Jay
401 BERGEN What the f: what swearing reveals about our language, our brains, and ourselves Bergen, Benjamin K.
616.8 KURN Herbs and nutrients for neurologic disorders: treatment strategies for   Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, multiple sclerosis, migraine, and seizures Kurn, Sidney
635 RIOTTE Carrots love tomatoes: secrets of companion planting for successful gardening Riotte, Louise
635 RIOTTE Roses love garlic: companion planting and other secrets of flowers Riotte, Louise
641.2 HUCKELBR The United States of beer: a freewheeling history of the all-American drink Huckelbridge, Dane
641.812 COOKS Cook's Illustrated all-time best appetizers  
641.813 COOKS Cook's Illustrated all-time best soups  
663 HIERONYM Brewing local: American-grown beer: explore local flavor using cultivated and   foraged ingredients Hieronymus, Stan
747 YIP Vern Yip's design wise: your smart guide to a beautiful home Yip, Vern
791.43 LUND Star wars: complete locations Lund, Kristen
791.45 BURNETT In such good company: eleven years of laughter, mayhem, and fun in the   sandbox Burnett, Carol
912 CONCISE Concise atlas of the world  
914.04 STEVES Rick Steves Europe through the back door 2017 Steves, Rick
914.2104 CAIRD Fodor's London Caird, Jo
917.28604   KASTMYER Fodor's Costa Rica Kast-Myers, Marlies
917.44   RICCARDI Fodor's Boston Riccardi, Victoria Abbott
919.404   ATKINSON Fodor's essential Australia Atkinson, Lee
940.54 OREILLY Killing the rising sun: how America vanquished World War II Japan O'Reilly, Bill
940.5451   GEROUX The Mathews men: seven brothers and the war against Hitler's U-boats Geroux, William
968.04 MILLARD Hero of the empire: the Boer War, a daring escape, and the making of Winston   Churchill Millard, Candice
973.3 TAYLOR American revolutions: a continental history, 1750-1804 Taylor, Alan
92 GRANDIN Temple Grandin, voice for the voiceless Wood, Annette
92 JOHNSON They left us everything Johnson, Plum
92 RYAN Following Atticus: forty-eight high peaks, one little dog, and an extraordinary   friendship Ryan, Tom
92 VARGAS Between breaths: a memoir of panic and addiction Vargas, Elizabeth
F ANDERSON Winesburg, Ohio Anderson, Sherwood
F CHIAVERI Fates and traitors Chiaverini, Jennifer
F COULTER Insidious Coulter, Catherine
F DONOGHUE The wonder Donoghue, Emma
F HAWLEY All true not a lie in it Hawley, Alix
F LIVELY How it all began Lively, Penelope
F MCEWAN Nutshell McEwan, Ian
F MCINERNE Bright, precious days McInerney, Jay
F MEADOWS I will send rain Meadows, Rae
F MICHAELS Crash and burn Michaels, Fern
F NEGGERS Liar's key Neggers, Carla
F PATCHETT Commonwealth Patchett, Ann
F PERKINSV Wench Perkins-Valdez, Dolen
F PROULX Barkskins Proulx, Annie
F RICE The queen of the damned Rice, Anne
F ROBERTS Bay of sighs Roberts, Nora
F TESSARO Rare objects Tessaro, Kathleen
F TOWLES A gentleman in Moscow Towles, Amor
F WHITE Flight patterns White, Karen (Karen S.)
FM ANDREWS Die  like an eagle Andrews, Donna
FM BEATON Pushing up daisies Beaton, M. C.
FM BRADLEY Thrice the brinded cat hath mew'd Bradley, C. Alan
FM COBEN Home Coben, Harlan
FM FOSSUM Hell fire Fossum, Karin
FM HALLBERG City on fire Hallberg, Garth Risk
FM HARRIS When falcons fall Harris, C. S.
FM HIAASEN Razor girl Hiaasen, Carl
FM JOHNSON An obvious fact Johnson, Craig
FM LESCROAR The fall Lescroart, John T.
FM PATTERSO Woman of God Patterson, James
FM PERRY An Anne Perry Christmas Perry, Anne
FM ROBB Apprentice in death Robb, J. D.
FM TODD The shattered tree Todd, Charles
FM WARE The woman in cabin 10 Ware, Ruth
FM WEAVER Death wears a mask Weaver, Ashley
LP F REID One true loves Reid, Taylor Jenkins
LP F SCOTTOLI Damaged Scottoline, Lisa
LP F SOLOMON Leaving Lucy Pear Solomon, Anna
LP F TANABE The gilded years Tanabe, Karin
LP FM COLEMAN Robert B. Parker's debt to pay Coleman, Reed Farrel
LP FM CORBY The singer from Memphis Corby, Gary
LP FM ROBB Apprentice in death Robb, J. D.
LP 615.8   BARTON Dog medicine: how my dog saved me from myself Barton, Julie (Julie H.)
LP 958.104   MILLS Tough as they come Mills, Travis