New Books

From the latest fiction and non-fiction to time-honored classics, the Lancaster Community Library looks to provide patrons with a wide array of material for their reading or viewing pleasure. Listed below are recently acquired titles.

MAY 2017

005.4 WEVERKA Windows 10 for seniors for dummies Weverka, Peter
248.4 MEYER 21 ways to finding peace and happiness: overcoming anxiety, fear, and discontentment every day Meyer, Joyce
304.5 Penman Biohistory Penman, Jim
306.3 THOMPSON Hit makers: the science of popularity in an age of distraction Thompson, Derek
323.1 GUNTER Keeping the dream alive: the cases and causes of the Southern Poverty Law Center Gunter, Booth
324.973 KASICH Two paths: America united or divided Kasich, John
327.7300 9 KINZER The true flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the birth of American empire Kinzer, Stephen
363.17 MOORE The radium girls: the dark story of America's shining women Moore, Kate
413.028 STAMPER Word by word: the secret life of dictionaries Stamper, Kory
500 OFFIT Pandora's lab: seven stories of science gone wrong Offit, Paul A.
569.9 BAHRAMI Cafe Neandertal: excavating our past in one of Europe's most ancient places Bahrami, Beebe
577.3 HASKELL The songs of trees: stories from nature's great connectors Haskell, David George
612.002 CASSIDY And then you're dead: what really happens if you get swallowed by a whale, are shot from a cannon, or go barreling over Niagara Cassidy, Cody
612.6 ROACH Bonk: the curious coupling of science and sex Roach, Mary
623 CHARTRAN Forts of the American Revolution 1775-83 Chartrand, Rene
631.4 BOGARD The ground beneath us: from the oldest cities to the last wilderness, what dirt tells us about who we are Bogard, Paul
648 SULLIVAN Organized enough: the anti-perfectionist's guide to getting-and staying-organized Sullivan, Amanda
818 ROACH My planet: finding humor int the oddest places Roach, Mary
910.202 SAUNDERS Frommer's easyguide to cruising Saunders, Aaron
973.7 ROBERTSO Civil War echoes: voices from Virginia, 1860-1891 Robertson, James I., Jr
976.6004 GRANN Killers of the Flower Moon: the Osage murders and the birth of the FBI Grann, David
92 COPELAND Life in motion: an unlikely ballerina Copeland, Misty
92 FORD Between them: remembering my parents Ford, Richard
92 MABEE Naked Mountain: a memoir Mabee, Marcia
92 PASTERNA K Lara: the untold love story that inspired Doctor Zhivago Pasternak, Anna
92 PETRUSHE VSKAIA The girl from the Metropol Hotel: growing up in communist Russia Petrushevskaia, Liudmila
92 TOWER Start the fire: how I began a food revolution in America Tower, Jeremiah
92 VANCE Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis Vance, J. D.
920 BALL The inventor and the tycoon: a Gilded Age murder and the birth of moving pictures Ball, Edward
920 LEESHETT Hidden figures: the American dream and the untold story of the Black women mathematicians who helped win the space race Lee Shetterly, Margot


F ANDREWS Beach town Andrews, Mary Kay
F BROWN Price of duty Brown, Dale
F CAMERON A dog's way home Cameron, W. Bruce
F CHEVALIE New boy Chevalier, Tracy
F COLGAN Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery Colgan, Jenny
F CRICHTON Dragon teeth: a novel Crichton, Michael
F DONNELLY The tea rose Donnelly, Jennifer
F DONNELLY The wild rose Donnelly, Jennifer
F DONOHUE Every wild heart: a novel Donohue, Meg
F EVANS Their finest: a novel Evans, Lissa
F EVANS The broken road Evans, Richard Paul
F FRANK Same beach, next year: a novel Frank, Dorothea Benton
F GEORGE Setting free the kites George, Alex
F GOODMAN The widow's house Goodman, Carol
F HAWKINS Into the water Hawkins, Paula
F HAWKINS Into the water Hawkins, Paula
F HONEYMAN Eleanor Oliphant is   completely fine Honeyman, Gail
F KING Gwendy's button   box King, Stephen
F LEHANE Since we fell Lehane, Dennis
F MAGSON Dark asset Magson, Adrian
F NEUVEL Sleeping giants Neuvel, Sylvain
F PAINTER The battle against the Lichens Painter, Brian
F PATRICK Rise & shine, Benedict Stone Patrick, Phaedra
F ROBINSON New York 2140 Robinson, Kim Stanley
F SHAARA The frozen hours: a novel of the Korean War Shaara, Jeff
F SHREVE The stars are fire Shreve, Anita
F STEEL The mistress: a novel Steel, Danielle
F THAYER Secrets in summer: a novel Thayer, Nancy
F TUROW Testimony Turow, Scott
F UNDERDOW The witchfinder's sister: a novel Underdown, Beth
F WHITEHEA The underground railroad: a novel Whitehead, Colson
F WHITE The secrets you keep: a novel White, Kate
F WILLIAMS Overseas Williams, Beatriz
F Transit Cusk, Rachel
F Mother land Theroux, Paul
FM ATKINS Robert B. Parker's Little white lies Atkins, Ace
FM ATKINS Robert B. Parker's Little white lies Atkins, Ace
FM BLAUNER Proving ground Blauner, Peter
FM DEAVER The burial hour: a Lincoln Rhyme novel Deaver, Jeffery
FM DUNN Heirs of the body: a Daisy Dalrymple mystery Dunn, Carola
FM EMERSON Murder in a Cornish alehouse:a Mistress Jaffrey mystery Emerson, Kathy Lynn
FM FLUKE Wedding cake murder Fluke, Joanne
FM GREENWOO Trick or treat: a Corinna Chapman mystery Greenwood, Kerry
FM GRIFFITH The chalk pit Griffiths, Elly
FM HAINES Sticks and bones Haines, Carolyn
FM HART Walking on my grave Hart, Carolyn G.
FM HILLERMA Spider woman's daughter Hillerman, Anne
FM KATCHUR The sisters of Blue Mountain Katchur, Karen
FM KERR Prussian blue: a Bernie Gunther novel Kerr, Philip
FM MAINE Beyond the wild river Maine, Sarah
FM NESBO The thirst Nesbo, Jo
FM OWEN The bottom Owen, Howard
FM RANKIN Strip Jack Rankin, Ian
FM SANDFORD Golden prey Sandford, John
FM SCOTTOLI One perfect lie Scottoline, Lisa
FM SEFTON Close knit killer Sefton, Maggie
FM SEFTON Knit to be tied Sefton, Maggie
FM SEFTON Purl up and die Sefton, Maggie
FM SEFTON Yarn over murder Sefton, Maggie
FM SHIER Not carved on stone: A Black Forest mystery Shier, Craig W.
FM TRACY Dead run Tracy, P. J.
FM WINSPEAR In this grave hour: a novel Winspear, Jacqueline