New Audiobook & eBooks

Want to listen to a good book while you’re driving, or borrow one to read on your electronic reading device? The Library has a vast collection of audiobooks on cassette tape, CD and Playaways. The Library is steadily developing a collection of downloadable audiobooks and eBooks.


CD 92 VANCE Hillbilly Elegy Vance, J. D.
CD F BROWN Hidden secrets Brown, Carolyn
CD F CHABON Moonglow Chabon, Michael
CD F DELANEY The girl before Delaney, J P
CD F GREANEY Tom Clancy's True faith and allegiance Greaney, Mark
CD F HAMER The girl in the red coat Hamer, Kate
CD F HIGGINS The midnight bell Higgins, Jack
CD F LAMB I'll take you there Lamb, Wally
CD F LEAVITT Cruel Beautiful World Leavitt, Caroline
CD F MEACHAM Crowning Design Meacham, Leila
CD F MILLER The city baker's guide to country living Miller, Louise
CD F RANKIN Hide and seek Rankin, Ian
CD F RANKIN Knots and Crosses Rankin, Ian
CD F ROLLINS The seventh plague Rollins, James
CD F WILLIAMS The wicked city Williams, Beatriz
DAB 92 LUTHER Brand Luther/1517, printing, and the making of the Reformation Pettegree, Andrew
DAB F BOHJALIAN The sleepwalker Bohjalian, Christopher A.
DAB F CANIN A doubter's almanac Canin, Ethan
DAB F CONNELLY The wrong side of goodbye Connelly, Michael
DAB F DONOGHUE The wonder Donoghue, Emma
DAB F DORSEY Clownfish blues Dorsey, Tim
DAB F FLAGG The whole town's talking Flagg, Fannie.
DAB F GOODWIN Victoria Goodwin, Daisy
DAB F HILL The illegal Hill, Lawrence
DAB F HURWITZ The nowhere man Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
DAB F JILES News of the world Jiles, Paulette
DAB F KNIGHT Before the fall Knight, Francis
DAB F LASDUN The fall guy Lasdun, James
DAB F LEON The waters of eternal youth Leon, Donna
DAB F MAINE The house between tides Maine, Sarah
DAB F MARWOOD The darkest secret Marwood, Alex
DAB F MEYER The chemist Meyer, Stephenie
DAB F MORETTI The vanishing year Moretti, Kate
DAB F OBRIEN The little red chairs O'Brien, Edna
DAB F PARIS Behind closed doors Paris, B. A.
DAB F PRESTON The Obsidian chamber Preston, Douglas J.
DAB F ROONEY Lillian Boxfish takes a walk Rooney, Kathleen
DAB F SCOTTOLI Most wanted Scottoline, Lisa
DAB F SHAARA To the last man Shaara, Jeff
DAB F SMITH Swing time Smith, Zadie