For Kids

The Lancaster Community Library has a great selection of titles for kids from infants through pre-teens.
If you’re already a reader, check here for stories on subjects you like. If you’re a parent who wants to
help young readers pick out good fiction and non-fiction, or if you’re planning to read to your young
child, you’re sure to find something appropriate in this list of our latest acquisitions:


E FOGLIANO When's my birthday? Fogliano, Julie
E GRAEGIN Little fox in the forest Graegin, Stephanie
E GRAVETT Tidy Gravett, Emily
E HENN Pass it on Henn, Sophy
E HOBBIE A cat named Swan Hobbie, Holly
E ISADORA I just want to say good night Isadora, Rachel
E LADEN If I had a little dream Laden, Nina
E LITWIN Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons Litwin, Eric
E LITWIN Pete the cat saves Christmas Litwin, Eric
E LITWIN Rocking in my school shoes Litwin, Eric
E MUTH Mama Lion wins the race Muth, Jon J.
E NOBLEMAN The chupacabra ate the candelabra Nobleman, Marc Tyler
E SILVESTR Bunny's book club Silvestro, Annie
E SIMA Not quite narwhal Sima, Jessie
E STEAD The only fish in the sea Stead, Philip Christian
E WEATHERF In your hands Weatherford, Carole Boston
E WHEELS The wheels on the bus
jF BEASLEY Tumble & Blue Beasley, Cassie
jF BECKER The star thief Becker, Lindsey
jF CHENG See you in the cosmos Cheng, Jack
jF CHUPECO The bone witch Chupeco, Rin
jF DONNELLY How to stage a catastrophe Donnelly, Rebecca
jF EMERSON Last day on Mars Emerson, Kevin
jF HORWITZ The Wingsnatchers Horwitz, Sarah Jean
jF KING Me and Marvin Gardens King, A. S. (Amy Sarig)
jF LAUREN Prisoner of ice and snow Lauren, Ruth
jF NAPOLI Fish Girl Napoli, Donna Jo
jF VANARSDA The Beast is an animal Van Arsdale, Peternelle
jF WHITE The last spell White, J. A.
jF YEH The way to Bea Yeh, Kat
j292 E Mystery of the laughing dinosaur Hope, Laura Lee.
j301.42 GARDNER The boys and girls book about divorce, with an introduction for parents, Gardner, Richard A.
j577.098 1 MONTGOME Amazon adventure: how tiny fish are saving the world's largest rainforest Montgomery, Sy
j808.02 GANTOS Writing radar: using your journal to snoop out and craft great stories Gantos, Jack