The Library is pleased to offer both recurring and one-time events geared to its adult patrons. Typically there is no charge for attending. Patrons should check the Community Calendar for a list of upcoming events.

2018 Sundays at Two

The popular Sundays at Two program is a lecture series that brings in speakers on a variety of topics of interest to patrons. Five to six lectures are scheduled from January through March each year, bringing in experts on science, the arts, history, literature, and politics to share their thoughts and engage in discussion with attendees. Here is this year's schedule:

January 14 Allison Burns presents "Crafting America's Whiskey Tradition"

January 28

Steven Reiss presents "Cycling the Camino de Santiago: A Journey of Discovery in Spain."

February 4

Dr. Bud Robertson presents "After the Civil War: Some Personal Stories that Changed America"

February 18

Bud Ward presents "Our Weather, Our Climate: Their Future"

March 4

Canceled Glenn and Ellen Birch presents "Songs and Stories of Virginia"

March 11

Dr. Phil Williams presents "The Eastern Question, The Crimean War - from Syria to Ukraine - Then and Now"


Book Signings

The Library schedules book signings for local and regional authors. Patrons may come to meet the authors and learn more about their recent publications.

Scheduled Event: July 7, 2018

KILMARNOCK AUTHOR EXPO 2018, 10a.m. - 5p.m., Lancaster Community Library


The Writers Guild Of Virginia,
Sisters In Crime - Central Virginia,
The Lancaster Community Library

WORKSHOP: Presentation                     10:30-11:30

Guest Speaker: John DeDakis - Retired CNN journalist and editor and senior copy editor for “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer.” He also supervised writing on “Daybreak” with Carol Costello. DeDakis is an award winning mystery writer.

WORKSHOP: The Year Of The Memoir   1:00-2:00
WORKSHOP: Writing Mysteries               2:15-3:15
WORKSHOP: Publishers’ Panel               3:30-4:30

Thirty author tables will be available during the day. Meet and talk with successful fiction and non-fiction writers as well as poets. Authors’ books will be available until 5:00 p.m. Contact David Cariens to reserve an author’s table: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Reader’s Corner

The Library hosts an informal book discussion group open to any patron. The group meets monthly to discuss books selected by its members. Participants are not required to attend discussions, but may choose to join the group when the book interests them. The Library orders multiple copies of paperback editions of the books to be discussed and makes them available to the group members. When possible, the Library also obtains an audio version of the book.


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